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  • Use Mozilla Firefox for better visualization.
  • Select the item from series code i.e. 'GEN' for Books, 'DVD' for Optical Media etc.
  • Highlight the specific keywords to search within, i.e. search for data in 'TITLE', Select 'Title' from the column 'search by'.
  • To know the issued document on your name, from Issue Details.
  • Details of overdue on issued items from Over Due Detail.
  • Don't use: Special characters in search text.
  • Item Details: Click on item's title name to view the details.
  • Unreadable Characters: Are you seeing some unreadable or junk characters on your screen? If yes, then it may be because required fonts to display data are not present in your machine. Install required fonts.
  • Translated Books: To search for translated books, enter search text 'Y' and for non-translated books enter 'N'.
  • Document Type: Available document types are:  --, book, cd, jrnl, magz, dvd, 25077, 50812, ielts, the bamboo stalk, 1.
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